Nanofibers, application and related technologies NART 2015

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The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation at Technical University of Liberec and The Nonwovens Institute at North Carolina State University are pleased to announce the international conference on:


This event replaces the Nanofibers for 3rd Millennium - N3M that originated six years ago.  The objective of the conference is to accelerate the adoption of micro and nanofibers and related (nano) technologies in a wide range of innovative functional products.  

NART 2015 will be held in Liberec, Czech Republic on August 31 through September 2, 2015.  NART 2016 will be held at The Nonwovens Institute Raleigh, NC. 

The conference agenda will be organized into three concurrent sessions:

Micro and Nanofiber Technology and Trends – Topics will include a discussion of:

·        Technology Innovations and Trends

·        Characterization of Nanofibers

·        Modeling and Theoretical Considerations

·        Structure and Morphology of Polymeric Organic and Inorganic Nanofibers

·        Surface Modification and Functionalization of Nanofibers

Micro and Nanofibers and Related Materials – Topics will include a discussion of:

·        Nanofibers and Functional Nanoparticles

·        Nanofibers and Other Nanomaterials Synergies

·        Multi-Nano Applications (nanofibers doped with nanoparticles, nanofibers as nanoparticle carriers, nano-delivery systems for environment and bio-medicine, nano-bio-technologies)

 Micro and Nanofibers and Other Nanomaterials in Products – Topics will include a discussion of:

·        Business Development Trends

·        Nanofiber Industry Challenges

·        Nanofiber Cost Benefit Analysis, Return on Investment

·        Nanofibers and Nanomaterials in Products

o   Automotive

o   Healthcare / Life Sciences

o   Energy

o   Environment / Water / Air

o   Infrastructure

 This conference will bring together experts in the field from universities, research institutes and industry with a common interest in the realization of innovative solutions achieved through the use of micro and nanofibers and other related nanomaterials. The scope of the event will be broad and will include both academic and industrial interests; the conference proceedings will be cited in recognized scientific databases (Scopus).

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Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment.
This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 309517
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