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Organisation Type: Multinational Industr
Solvay (Schweiz) AG located in Bad Zurzach in Switzerland is nowadays a sales company belonging to the Solvay Group with headquarters in Brussels. Apart from its sales activities it supports a big Industrial Park renting buildings and providing electricity and maintenance support to about 25 external companies.  The turnover of Solvay Schweiz is about 10 MCHF and the number of employees is 30. The site of Zurzach in Switzerland has belonged to the Solvay Group since 1919 with production of soda ash from 1919 until 1985, chlorine-alcali electrolysis from 1945-2005 and production of chlorinated hydrocarbons (PER, TRI) from 1945 - 1975.  The production and sales of chlorinated products in the past resulted in an underground pollution mainly by TRI and PER. The pollution has been monitored and treated by “pump-and-treat” systems as well as by an underground wall of 200 m length and 15 m depth.  The measures taken in the remediation field has been always consulted with the Solvay Corporate remediation team.  Solvay is an international chemical Group (with about 30000 employees including Rhodia) committed to sustainable development with a clear focus on innovation and operational excellence. Solvay offers a broad range of products that contribute to improving quality of life and its customers' performance in markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and environment and electronics. As a multicultural company and good corporate citizen, Solvay operates in a responsible way to develop a sustainable Group caring for the environment, health and safety of its employees and of the community at large.

Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment.
This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 309517
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